Image Comparison Slider Customization

Tune the slider you want with the following settings:

You can upload the Images by click on Select Image under the right part of the slider. Then, repeat the same with the other one. Set captions using Edit Captions for each image.

Slider Settings

Customize the Image Comparison Slider Settings exploring the next:

  • Width – set slider width in pixels or percents
  • Line Position (Pro Option) – Choose comparison line to be Horizontal or Vertical
  • Icon – elect round or rectangular divider
  • Border Depth – set border width in pixels

Image Slider Settings

  • Border Color – establish the needed color with current colorpicker
  • Add Background color – select the color for icon background
  • Choose Icon – set icon image from the list in popup

Image Comparison Slider Settings

  • Add Point – check here to create comparizon point on the pages for comparing
    • Add – click to create a new one
    • Remove All – permits you to delete all points at one click
    • Remove – vanish the point you need
    • Name point field – after user click on the point on the front-end he/she will see the label of the point

Click Save to make plugin remember your changes.